How does the Foundation work?

The targets and measures of success is that the foundation develops youth men and women to be responsible leaders in their respective fields. Ensure that they access resources including access to food, clothing, education and job opportunities. The Foundation works closes with Tumi Leadership Academy that provides fully fledged academic services.

Community Outreach Programs

According to Paraffin Safety Association there are 45,000 paraffin fires a year and, on average, 3 000 South Africans die in fires caused by paraffin. In addition, 80 000 children are poisoned by paraffin annually. 

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The Household energy and child respiratory health in South Africa, claims indoor air pollution is responsible for 1,400 deaths of children annually. In South Africa Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) deaths are amongst the top 4 killers of children less than five years old.

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Fuel Efficient Stove Solution

The Fuel Efficient Stove is built out of mud, straw and recycled materials. This project creates jobs, save lives, makes a healthier environment indoors and outdoors, reduces the cost of energy, recycles waste, and empowers the community. The FES works off the Rocket Stove principle. Wood itself does not burn. Wood gets hot and then releases constituent gases that hopefully all burst into flame. The remaining solid residue, char, is then combusted to form carbon dioxide released in the smoke. A hot fire is a clean fire, reducing poisonous smoke, the killer in the kitchen. A lazy fire pollutes the air which humans need to breathe. (Bryden, 2008)

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